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Getting ready for your new water tank

Getting ready for your new water tank

So you have gone ahead and ordered a new water tank, or you have one on the plans for your renovation or landscape project.  What do you need to consider before your new tank arrives?

Firstly, hopefully you have a nice space set aside for your new water tank.  Ideally it will be located against a wall, or perhaps a fence, and not blocking any windows or access paths.

A firm foundation is critical for a long lasting water tank.  Remember, every litre of water that you store weighs one kilogram; when your tank is full it will be several tonnes!  The base needs to be both flat and level, so it’s not sloping more than a couple of centimetres and it doesn’t have any high or low spots.  Also important is that there are no sharp items on the base, like rock, concrete or screws.  For more information about base preparation click here.

Once your water tank is on the base, it probably wont move anywhere for many, many years to come.  However, we still have to get the tank from the delivery truck to the tank base.  Double check the width or diameter of your tank, and then walk from the road to the tank base with a tape measure, and measure every access point.  If there are any spots where the access is less than the width of the tank, then we will have to consider another path!

Also take note of any stairs or inclines.  While we do have some clever tricks to man-oeuvre water tanks into position, they are large and heavy, and we can’t go everywhere.  Clear the path of anything that can be moved, such as pot plants and garden furniture, so we can deliver your tank as efficiently as possible.  If you have any concerns or questions about getting the tank from the truck to the tank base, please call us and discuss this with our logistics team.

Lastly, it’s a great idea to give your gutters a good clean before you install your new tank.  We want to make sure the first rainfall is flowing freely into your tank and you’re getting every drop of clean clear rainwater.

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