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Kingspan – Innovation WINNER of the 2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

Kingspan – Innovation WINNER of the 2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

Kingspan are the Innovation winners of the 2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards with our innovative High-Flow water filtration system.

The High-Flow is an Australian first, developed and manufactured exclusively by Kingspan. Designed to stop the common issue of overflow flooding or dampness around water tanks, it is the best filtration on the market. The filter can handle 4 times the volume of other standard tank filters allowing it to handle water collected from an entire roof. It can also handle flow rates of up to 600 litres per minute while still supplying water to the tank and by-passing the remaining volume to the storm water management system.

The awards are organised by the Housing Industry Association and seeks to support and recognise innovation in the housing industry by embracing new technologies and products.

Kingspan continues to be Australia’s market leader and is a trusted source of expert advice in water storage and rainwater harvesting for residential, commercial and rural sectors. We pride ourselves on longevity, experience, continued innovation and unrivalled customer service. By winning this award, Kingspan are grateful to the HIA for offering the recognition. The HIA Awards are held in the highest regards within the residential building community, so it is wonderful to be recognised for leading the way in the design of innovative products. 

To learn more about the High-Flow, click here.


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