• Cartridge filters can be a cost effective way to remove sediment, odour and colour from your rainwater.  At Kingspan Water, we stock a large range of filters and replacement cartridges.
  • Cartridge filters in a variety of sizes and grades are available.  For general rainwater filtration for internal appliances, such as a washing machine, a coarse cartridge such as a 50-micron pleated cartridge is sufficient.
  • For pre-filtration before using a UV disinfection system, two-stage filtration is required.  A 20-micron primary filter traps solid particles, and a 1-micron secondary filter will trap microorganisms.



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Key Benefits
  • Filters help to protect your pump from damage by ensuring that sediment does not get drawn into the pump.
  • Cartridge filters help to protect your washing machine and other appliances.
  • UV disinfection systems offer the best protection from bacteria for drinking water. Cartridge filters are required to use UV disinfection.
  • 1 year warranty

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