The mid-range submersible Davey RainBank® KRB-S1 pump for garden and household applications, supplies 2-3 garden taps and internal appliances.

A high-pressure submersible pump and a RainBank® RB2/S electronic pressure controller are included. The RainBank® controller seamlessly switches to a mains water back-up supply in the event that your tank is empty.

Davey KRB-S1 Datasheet
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Key Benefits
  • Proven reliability from a recognised Australian brand
  • 3-year warranty
  • High pressure, high quality, reliable pump for garden and internal appliances
  • Minimal pressure drop in mains pressure through the RainBank® RB2/S
  • Whisper quiet submersible pump
  • No mounting pad or pump cover required
  • The RainBank® KRB-S1 has a 3-year warranty when purchased from Tankworks.
  • A licensed plumber is required for installation.
  • Davey D42A/B submersible pump.
  • RainBank® RB2/S controller.
  • Mounting bracket for the controller.
  • 10m pump power lead (20m optional lead if required).

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