The Evolution MkIII comes as an integrated unit with a Grundfos SB Submersible Pump and PM Rain Controller. Evolution MkIII offers the advantage of dramatically reducing installation time and saving costs, while improving the appearance of the water tank system for the home owner. When the tank runs out of water or when there’s a power outage the PM Rain controller will automatically open the main line to the internal appliances.




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Key Benefits
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fits neatly on top of the tank instead of the wall
  • Space saving with pump and chang-eover device mounted inside and on top of the rainwater tank
  • Automatically switches to mains water when there is no water present in the tank or during electrical failure
  • Dual check valve for back- flow protection
  • Pump is only used when rainwater is being drawn from the tank, it does not operate when switched to mains water

4 years warranty (2 years standard and 2 years bonus) when you register here

  • Pump Lid
  • PM Rain Controller
  • Grundfos SB Submersible Booster Pump (Comes fully assembled as a unit)

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