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Modline steel water tanks have flat ends, giving them a smaller footprint than the equivalent capacity of Slimline water tank and a modern look.  A Modline tank can help you maximise the water storage in a tight space.

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Kingspan Water water tanks are available as BIM files in both ArchiCAD and Revit formats

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Download Cad Files

Revit BIM Slimline Water Tank File: WaterTank_KingspanWater_Slimline.rfa
Revit BIM Rural Water Tanks File: WaterTank_KingspanWater_Rural.rfa
Revit BIM Round Water Tank File: WaterTank_KingspanWater_Round.rfa
Revit BIM Modline Water Tank File: WaterTank_KingspanWater_Modline.rfa
Revit BIM Square Water Tank File: WaterTank_KingspanWater_Square.rfa
Revit BIM Commercial Water Tanks File: WaterTank_KingspanWater_Commercial.rfa

Modline steel water tanks have flat ends, giving them a smaller footprint than the equivalent capacity of Slimline water tank and a modern look. A Modline tank can help you maximise the water storage in a tight space.

The Modline range of water tanks are manufactured with quality AQUAPLATE® steel and are available in size up to 10,000 litres and in popular Colorbond® colours. Internal stainless steel cross bracing is engineered into the tank for maximum durability and strength.

Choose your dimensions: width, length and height. You can tailor the height to perfectly fit the space you have such as under windows or select the width to maintain side access.

  • Greater capacity, smaller footprint than Slimline range
  • Made with quality AQUAPLATE ® Steel
  • Made to Measure to fit your space
  • Lined with a food grade polymer so water never touches the steel
  • Maximise water storage in the available space
  • Narrow shape for small spaces
  • Rigid cross bracing system, won’t bulge or bow
  • Modern style
  • Capacity up to 10,000L
  • Available in any size
  • 10-year industry-leading warranty
Select from a great colour range

Painted Colorbond® range
Pale Eucalypt
Woodland Grey
Classic Cream
Manor Red
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Evening Haze
Night Sky
Shale Grey
Base Colours available in each state may vary

Kingspan Tankworks offers a 10-year warranty on its industry-leading construction workmanship. A 20-year corrosion warranty is provided for the BlueScope Aquaplate® steel component. A long-lasting tank that you can rely on.

All Modline water tanks come with:

  • 400mm inlet screen and light guard
  • 90mm or 100mm overflow fitting with mosquito screen
  • 25mm tank outlet and Watermarked brass ball valve

The location of the fittings can be specified for each tank, and additional fittings can be installed as required.

Ensuring your brand new water tank arrives in perfect condition is important to us at Kingspan Tankworks. Our professionally trained delivery crews operate from our specifically fitted-out trucks to lift your tank onto the prepared water tank base (tips for base preparation here). Providing there is clear access, we can move the tank exactly into its place.

Tip: check the tank’s dimensions to ensure it will fit through gates, around tight corners or under low hanging branches or narrow passages.

To ascertain the delivery charge, please enter your postcode in the field below. The delivery charge includes delivery of one tank by two professional Kingspan Tankworks’ crew members. If your delivery requires a crane or extra crew, please contact us for detailed charges. (Prices include GST).

Our delivery range is 300kms from our factory addresses in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Outside of our normal range, we may still be able to assist in some instances. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tank Delivery Information Sheet (PDF)

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