Your water tank is your investment in water security. It will protect you against rising water prices and water restrictions.

Like any valuable asset it is recommended that Rainwater Tanks get looked after with some simple maintenance tasks.

Well-designed systems, like Kingspan water tanks, are low maintenance. With a few simple and regular low key tasks you can be sure your tank is working at its best.

Kingspan supplies, installs and maintains rainwater harvesting systems for most of Australia’s new home builders, commercial builders and national brand resellers.

Our experienced Service Technicians have a profound understanding how all of these components interact with each other to deliver clean, healthy rain water … and what to do when something goes wrong!

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Check out our Basic Rainwater Maintenance Timetable below and don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base to find out more about maintaining your water tank. You can also read our FAQ’s page and watch our DIY videos by visiting Hints & Tips.

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Water Tank Cleaning - Residential & Rural

Cleaning of domestic water tanks is recommended on average every 2 -3 years… sometimes more or less.

Water discolouration, foul odour or taste are all noticeable indications that your tank water requires immediate attention.

Tank cleaning may be necessary to:

  • Avoid built-up sediment being drawn up and damaging your pump
  • Prevent sediment tainting and discolouring your water
  • Remove built up bacteria and pollutants in the sediment

Don’t forget to visit our Knowledge Base to find out more.

Water Filtration

If you are using your tank water for drinking water, laundry, internal plumbing connection or for irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality to avoid tainted water. We offer a range of accessories to help you achieve this:

  • Sediment filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Ultra-violet (UV) water disinfection

View our filtration products here for more information.